Video Tutorials

These are links to my tutorials showing some of the painting techniques I use.  Enjoy!


Demo of Painting Lupins with Liquitex Acrylic Ink

Tutorial Painting Wet in Wet with Acrylic Inks

Tutorial on Painting Little Flowers with Acrylic

Collage and Acrylic experiment

Experimenting with Wet-in-wet Watercolour

Pouring Watercolour and adding salt as a resist.

Acrylic painting using watercolour crayons, gel medium using scraping techniques.

Watercolour painting using a wet-in-wet technique.

Acrylic painting using a sgraffito technique.


Monoprinting by painting watercolour onto plexiglass.

Monoprinting using cut paper.

Monoprint by painting watercolour onto plexiglass.

10 thoughts on “Video Tutorials

  1. Wowowow. Flora, I just kind of stumbled upon this page and some of your tutorials. Also slide shows of some of your work (watercolors over 20 years, etc). What wonderful and exciting stuff.

    Have you considered offering extended classes (say for two weeks, full time; or some portion thereof) for people who want to learn how to paint? (I bet you have). Combined with some time off for enjoying Nova Scotia, I think it would make the MOST wonderful vacation I could think of.

    When you decide to offer such a program please put my name at the top of your list of participants. I’ll get there somehow.



    1. Hi Susan!
      What if you come and visit and we spend a couple of days painting and I could show you things.
      I just don’t think that teaching is where my comfort zone is but at the same time I really like to share my knowledge. So video seems to be a compromise.
      But seriously, think about coming here!
      xoox Flora


  2. Thank you Sally!
    This is a good reminder to myself to make more. I have lots of ‘raw’ footage and would like to be more active in the new year in adding tips to these posts.


  3. Hi Flora! I m enjoying your wonderful video tutorials this morning, I am an artist/painter living in the beautiful southern state of north Georgia area. I Love your style and colorations, just Gorgeous! I especially like the mono printing with acrylics tutorial as I am thinking about doing some classes geared toward “art therapy” and think that even a beginner who has never painted a thing could be proud of their work!


  4. Monica, Thank you soooo much!
    I am so glad that you will be able to get some use out of my video.

    And it must be gorgeous in Georgia, and certainly warmer than here! I do wish we still had flowers blooming.

    Good luck with your classes.



  5. Hi Flora
    thank you very much for sharing knowledge and giving so much inspiration. Simply Great and joybringing on a very grey January day in little Denmark.
    I was looking up painting of flowers on google and found you.
    Lucky day.
    All the best Hanne


    1. Thank you so much Hanne! I’m so glad that my work has lifted your spirits. It is also a grey day here with rain and snow. So, put on the music, buy some flowers, make a cup of coffee and get out your paints. 😉 I am going to try to listen to my own advice too!
      Thank you for stopping by!


      1. Hi Flora -just a question about the paper you use for the Lupine ink painting? I’m a pastel artist and have been experimenting with ink and pastel. I suspect your using water color paper and if so, what weight, etc.


      2. Hi Barb, Sorry i am just seeing your comment now.
        That Lupine ink painting is directly on a stretched canvas! I can’t remember if I added another layer of gesso first. I’m thinking probably not. I was very surprised that I could get that wet blend on canvas, but it was a ‘good’ surprise. lol.
        When I paint on watercolour paper, I use 100% cotton rag and 140lb. If I spritz the back with water, then the the front can take any amount of water and not buckle.


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