Weaving My Way into 2019

Let me squeeze under the wire and wish you a Happy New Year before this first month of 2019 ends!

I love that January feels like that reflective month when it’s OK to throw caution to the wind and change your mind, your direction and to question everything you’re doing.

I decided to set up my beautiful loom that I’ve had for years and neglected. I made a video to show you what I’m working on and to update you.

By the way, in a spectacular example of  “what was i thinking” the outcome of my weaving is this: I realized the moment I started weaving that it just does not give me the joy that painting and printmaking do. Also, I pulled my lower back in the process – even my body was saying ‘no’. It occurred to me that I had been in love with the idea of being a weaver, not with the actual task. This is BIG for me. It’s taken me decades to have that ‘aha’ moment. And now I realize that I can release my beloved loom into the world and pass her on to someone who will really care.
Contact me if you are interested in buying my Jack type loom, a Nilus LeClerc . It will handle a 45″ wide warp, has 4 heddles. Included is a warping mill, bobbin winder, shuttles and a leClerc maple bench. Replacement cost for the loom alone is over $4000.  (sold)


If you haven’t had a chance to think about creative intentions for this year, and would like some help with it, here are a few online sites that have helped me and may help you too.

  1. Zen Habits presents a straightforward list of questions followed by rituals and structures to help shape the year.
  2. Susanna Conway generously creates a workbook each year called Unravel Your Year.  She presents a methodical way to assess last year and to plan the next.
  3. Jane Dávila created ‘Art Accountability, a facebook page that is “A professional network of artists who get. stuff. done. Weekly check-ins keep goals on track; resources and tips are shared”.

Happy New Year to you and your loved ones. ❤ Thanks for letting me share the adventure with you.


Hop with me to the Lucky Rabbit this Weekend in Annapolis Royal (Nov 30 – Dec 2)

Join in the parade of lights down Main Street Friday night, Nov 30,  in Annapolis Royal, have a cup of cocoa with Santa, and then come on down to the best most beautiful house full of exquisite fine craft and art that you ever will see, from 6 – 9 pm.
Or join us on Saturday Dec 1 from 10 – 4, when the whole town will be bustling with holiday markets, plus the farmers market…you’ll need a tour guide!
Finally, we are open Sunday afternoon from 1 – 4 pm for your pleasure or return visit. This lovely group of talented artists takes the cake…and we’re not just bragging!

That’s the Lucky Rabbit House at 15 Church Street.


I’m so excited and honoured to be invited to show at Lucky Rabbit’s Holiday Market this weekend.
Larry and I filled a room with our works today and we’ve had a sneak preview of Deb Kuzyk’s hot-out-of-the-kiln pottery, Janelle’s leather work, Marianne’s silver jewellery, Kim’s Tartans, Donna’s paintings, Jay’s stained glass and more. I wish I had photos of it all for you to see. The work is stunning and well worth the visit.

There are 6 rooms in the Lucky Rabbit House and this one is filled with my paintings and Larry’s metal work.

lucky r - 1lucky r - 2lucky r - 3lucky r - 4lucky-r-5.jpg

This is my last Holiday show this year, I hope to see you there!

Maggie-Rose helping me prepare for the craft show.


Holiday Shows – the Excitement and the Decisions, and the more Decisions!

There are many busy artists out there this week furiously getting ready for the next seasonal art and craft show and I, for one, am feeling a mixture of excitement and frazzle.

The Holiday Spirit Craft Show together with the Bear River Artworks Gallery combine creative talents on November 24 (that’s right – THIS Saturday) at the Oakdene Centre. The place will be hopping with great, creative vibes with over 30 art and craft makers.
Four days to go and I still haven’t figured out what to bring. Or let’s turn that around. I haven’t figured out what NOT to bring! 🙂 But here is a peek at possibilities. I will mix it up this year by offering a few matted reproductions for the first time ever as well as some small art that will fit everyone’s budget.

And if you can’t make it to Bear River, Larry and I are invited artists to the upcoming show at Lucky Rabbit House in Annapolis Royal. I am so touched and honoured to be asked by Deb Kuzyk to fill a small room with art. I will be in attendance for the entire show opening Friday Nov 30, 6 – 9 pm, and continuing Saturday Dec 1, 10 – 4 pm and Sunday Dec 2, 1 – 4 pm.  You can see the work of all the creative artists here.

Finally, this is the last chance to see my summer paintings at Sissiboo Coffee in Annapolis. The show is up for 9 more days, coming down on Thursday Nov 29th.

On a personal note, the offspring are both coming home for Christmas which is a wonderful and rare event. We can all decompress together, make a little art, eat homemade food and together, take in these beautiful surroundings!

The backyard is so beyond beautiful, no matter the weather.

This is a fabulous time of year to get out and see what unique, one-of-a-kind items await. Have fun with it and please buy local.


Summertime Paintings in Annapolis Royal Oct 16 – Nov 30, 2018

summertime Paintings Sissiboo

A selection of my acrylic paintings from this past glorious, hot summer in Nova Scotia are on display until Nov 30 at Sissiboo Coffee Bar and Gallery in Annapolis Royal.

On these chilly, blustery days, I hope my paintings will serve as reminders of the heat and vibrancy of summer.

You can also view all the paintings here.

Summertime Paintings by Flora Doehler
October 16 – November 30, 2018
@Sissiboo Coffee Bar and Gallery
262 St. George St.
Annapolis Royal, NS
open daily until 4 pm

This video shows how I achieve the translucent effect in these paintings using fluid acrylic ink.

All the Paintings Revealed


This Sunday, September 9,  I will be happy to visit with you at my afternoon art show opening in Bear River.

These paintings celebrate this summer’s heat and brilliant light on Brier Island and in my garden in Bear River.

For a virtual visit, please click on the image below to see all of the paintings in the show.

And here is a quick recap of the hanging of the show, to give you a sense of the sizes.

See you on Sunday! xo

Sissiboo Coffee Bar and Gallery, Bear River, is open daily from 8am to 4pm. During the week they serve delicious, locally sourced vegetable dishes. Try their rice bowl or quiche. Yum, yum!

Garden Ecstacy – a video of two paintings

Garden Ecstacy #2
Garden Ecstacy #2 © Flora Doehler, 2018 Acrylic on Canvas 30″ x 30″ $1200
Flora Doehler paintings - 18
Garden Ecstacy #1 © Flora Doehler, 2018
Acrylic on Canvas
30″ x 36″

These paintings were painted side by side in the heat of July in my garden here in Nova Scotia.

I picked a big bouquet of flowers and set them up outside, where I prefer to paint. Fortunately there were two essential ingredients on that hot, humid day. The first was the shade of a cherry tree to cool the air,  and the second was a breeze to discourage the mosquitoes.

After painting, dripping and dragging the main colour fields into the painting outside,   I finished both paintings in the studio where I could have more control over the drying time and manipulation of the paint.

I often listen to music while I’m painting and I get lost in the music of The Sanctuary Trio’s Estuary album. It helps me to focus on the beauty, shape and colour of the flowers.

I am very happy with the luminosity and spontaneity  these paintings.

Enjoy this video showing some of the painting technique in these works of Ecstacy.

The paintings hang in my current show at Sissiboo Coffee Bar and Gallery in Bear River, NS. Opens Sunday Sept 9 from 2-4pm and continues to October 14, 2018 daily from 8 – 4.

Hanging the Show with my True Love

Last night we (Larry) hung the show and I’ve made a little movie of it for you.

I’m dashing out the door for a couple of days with him on Brier Island and will resume sending you images on Monday.

Larry has been my support in my art journey since we met in our 20’s. His love and encouragement have lifted me for many years.


Love, art, coffee and friends. What more could we ever want?

Floral Awakening

My exhibition will include new, luscious flower paintings.

When I returned From Brier Island, I was delighted to see the gladiolus and zinnias in full bloom. It took my breath away as both are new additions to the garden.

I dragged one of my biggest canvases outside and set to work. Continue reading