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2 thoughts on “Newsletter

  1. Hi Flora,

    I want to sincerely thank you for your support-and for backing-my Shetland project-what a lovely surprise when I saw your name!

    And also many thanks for steering Helen Louisy in my direction-isn’t it a small world after all?!!!!!. Maybe it will be in the stars for me to be knocking on your lovely studio doors.

    *i really like your current work-your flowers breath life and energy.

    All the best


  2. Thank you so much Jan for the comment on my paintings!

    I have always loved your work and I’m happy for you to go to Scotland and have the chance to work outside in that fabulous landscape.
    Larry and I went to the Orkney Islands 12 years ago (omg…is it that long ago?) and absolutely loved it. A friend at work told me that if I loved that geography, I should visit Cape Breton. The rest is history!
    So, I will be with you in spirit and I wish I was going too!

    Helen found me through my blog and I encouraged her to seek you out and even take a course.
    I suppose I am living vicariously through Helen as well. 😉
    Take care Jan. I so look forward to seeing the results of your travels.
    Perhaps you will land on my doorstep one day. It would be a wonderful surprise!


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