Tumultuous Times

Tumultuous Times © Flora Doehler, 2022 20″ x 20″ Acrylic on Canvas $675

This newly completed painting started out last September as a nod to my artist daughter’s intricate black and white works. I finished it this week, five months later and in between we’ve witnessed even more polarization in the world in terms of pandemic conversations and now Russia’s war with Ukraine.

As we all become entrenched in our notions of what the ‘true’ way of seeing the world is, our visions become more black-and-white. The nuances, the colours and the greys fall away. As an artist it is impossible for me to separate the thoughts going through my head from what I am painting into the canvas. My flowers are never only flowers. I can look at most of my paintings and remember emotions, settings and events.

This painting started with maternal love and ends with love and concern for our human family.

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