Nighttime Conversation

Nighttime Conversation
Flora Doehler
30″ x 36″ 
Acrylic on canvas 

I painted this in the dead of winter. The only available flowers were tulips shipped in to Nova Scotia from a greenhouse on Prince Edward Island.

I listened to a reading of Jane Eyre while working on this and it definitely affected my colour sense! The victorian gothic love tragedy takes place in a rambling stone house, Thornfield Hall, on the moors of England. The scenery is dark, windswept and haunting.

One thought on “Nighttime Conversation

  1. Hey Flora! What a lovely piece this is…beautiful colours. So great to see what you are up to, …all the best for a splendid new year of painting!
    Hello to Larry…I still have one of the signs he made for our Levity deliveries.
    all best wishes for this new year!

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