Red and Hot Pink Flowers

This post is cheating really because these photos are neither metalsmithing pieces nor paintings, but oh, aren’t the colours just gorgeous? I photographed them in the studio today and tried to set them up in compositions that would be interesting to paint.

I love the shapes and the colours in these photos. I tried to be mindful of the negative spaces around the flowers as well as the postive flower shapes. As I pointed my camera at them, I imagined the viewfinder as being a canvas and snapped away.  

The geranium has been blooming all winter on my kitchen windowsill, but really came into full bloom in the last few days. The Amaryllis was on sale after Christmas and for a while I thought it wouldn’t bloom at all. How mistaken I was.

Both are out in the studio now waiting for their debut. I just want to stare at them and take in their beauty.

One thought on “Red and Hot Pink Flowers

  1. Hi Flora,

    I can’t believe I didn’t say that I love this!!!! Met some people the
    other day who know a Blair from the Bear (River) — I made up the
    way they said it, they just said they know a Blair.

    That was cool.


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