The Overdue Update

Hi. Remember me? I’m that painter in Bear River, Nova Scotia whose paintings and posts resonated with you. I didn’t mean to let 6 months slip by between posts, but here we are.

Truthfully, this year has been a challenging time at our house involving healthcare and procedures and worry about the unknown. However, in this moment and today the future looks bright and I hope this continues.

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The Healing Properties of Daffodils, Turtles and Goutweed

Something fairly profound happened for me this month.

I have felt quite sluggish this winter. Not actually depressed but just completely unmotivated, disinterested, lazy and believing that my strong desire to paint had completely abandoned me. This was quite distressing because there was absolutely no substitute interesting endeavour that came to mind. Nothing. Not writing. Not gardening. Not visiting. Not travelling. I wondered if this is how the end begins.

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My Grandmother’s Garden Planted Seeds of Love

The first months of the pandemic in 2020 activated a lot of distress and anxiety for me. It was hard to imagine that there had ever been calm and happiness in my world. Therefore, memories of those good periods took on a deeper significance. I reached back to memories of early times in my life when I felt happy and content. Like the times spent visiting my Scottish grandmother and her wild garden of flowers and vegetables and experiencing with her love and kindness. But that garden. What was it about that garden that brought me such joy?

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Inventing a Blue Flower While Breathing

If you love flowers, you’ll know that actual blue flowers are rare. Horticulturalists try to develop true blue blooms, and sometimes they come up with a purple and call it blue. And even though some flowers are blue, like a Cornflower, a Delphinium or a Forget-me-not, you can’t find a blue Zinnia or Daisy.

Except if you are a painter, and you can imagine it. You can paint the flowers any colour you want to.

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Untangle the Slinky and Keep Making Art

After quite a hectic summer and fall in our co-op Bear River Artworks Gallery, I welcome this time to binge a little on Netflix, discover exciting artists on Instagram and to listen to podcasts from all over the world covering topics as diverse as how-to-be-an-artist-in europe, international politics, meditation, and story-telling. Add a few mini workshops on art to the list, some studio planning, video making, instagram optimization… along with website editing and potato chip eating and a bit of treadmill time and that kind of sums up my days.

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Resonance: musician inspired paintings by Flora Doehler and Wayne Boucher

I’m very excited to be 1/2 of a two-person show in Bear River at the new Sissiboo Coffee Bar and Gallery. The show opens this weekend on Sunday, May 22 at 2pm and displays until the end of June. My good friends Jon and Erin asked me if I would like to be the first artist to show in their beautiful space. I am touched to be asked and very happy to celebrate with them. I asked artist Wayne Boucher to join me and he agreed! His large paintings are gorgeous and luminous. I think our work will look great together. Yeah! Continue reading