The Overdue Update

Hi. Remember me? I’m that painter in Bear River, Nova Scotia whose paintings and posts resonated with you. I didn’t mean to let 6 months slip by between posts, but here we are.

Truthfully, this year has been a challenging time at our house involving healthcare and procedures and worry about the unknown. However, in this moment and today the future looks bright and I hope this continues.

Turks Cap Lilies. Pastel and Acrylic on canvas, 12″ x 36″.

The uncertainty that I’ve felt this summer and fall has affected my painting output. I haven’t painted as often. I am also feeling a need to move in a new direction with my art, but I’m not sure yet what it is. Winter is the time I like to experiment in the studio and I want to get back to basics with drawing.

I want to create more nuance in the colours I use. I’d like to be more successful at abstracting my work. I’d like to tell my story with my painting. There are lots of ideas swirling around that need the attention that winter provides. I am actually looking forward to the coming months.

Acrylic paintings mounted on birchwood. 6″ x 8″. These will ‘debut’ on Saturday at Bear River Artworks Gallery.

In spite of this, I am pleased to say that I have a number of paintings on display and for sale in Bear River and Annapolis Royal now and through the next month. They are all posted and linked here.

But in order to have the best studio space to paint in and to create what I am imagining, I need to clear out years of creations. It’s time to let go of some of my collection. I’m planning on having a special online sale of selected paintings and works on paper in February, 2023. Subscribers to this website will have the first viewing before the works are posted publicly. If that interests you, please let me know.

And as for tomorrow, I am heading over to Lucky Rabbit in Annapolis Royal. I love the beautiful creations in the shop and the friendly artists who have studios there.
I have one painting in a special, final show before they permanently close on Dec 23. They will be sorely missed in the community.

Saturday (Nov 26) will be an extravaganza day of Art and Craft and handmade lotions and potions at several venues in the village. Bear River Artworks Gallery and Blue Mind Gallery and The Flight of Fancy will also be open that day.

Be well in your part of our beautiful, but complicated world and if you have a chance this season, support one of our many craftspeople, writers, bakers and alchemists as I will be doing this weekend!

Thanks for reading!

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