How Art Collectors Impacted My Local Economy

In my last posting I invited you to look at my new little flower paintings

It seems that some of you are officially now part of the Bear River local economy. “How?”, you ask.

The plant goddess watches over all growing things…….and at this time of year, the house is the colour of lupins.

My last post was filled with images of new little paintings and a number of you from Halifax, Ontario and New York State purchased little paintings.

That all by itself is wonderful affirmation because it is a real honour when someone finds enough joy in my painting, that they need to live with it..

But the purchases went beyond that. I used the proceeds to hire a local man to build me six raised garden beds. He milled many of the boards himself from trees from his carefully managed woodlot. I was also able to pay for a gigantic dump truck load of topsoil, manure and seaweed that came from nearby Paradise, Nova Scotia – of course it did!

Spinach and snow peas on their way in the raised bed.

While there will be a few flowers in my raised beds, the majority of the plantings are vegetables and some of them will land in the freezer. I’ll be able to pull out a taste of summer in the middle of winter.

So, thank you very much. It was almost magical the way it worked out.

I’ve almost finished planting my raised beds which is more good news because in the last few days the purple Lupins have begun to show in the field telescoping their way to the sunshine.

I can’t wait to pull out a large canvas to capture these annual beauties that grace ditches and fields in Nova Scotia every June.

Our foundling kitten, Maggie-Rose is almost a year old now and experiencing her first Spring. Outside she takes acrobatic leaps into the air chasing fluffy dandelion seeds. Everything really is brand-new in her eyes. That’s exactly how I want to approach my painting… as if I am seeing experiencing, smelling, and discovering that flower or landscape for the very first time.

I feel so fortunate to have another chance to do just that.

Abundance” is another lupin and iris painting that may be my favorite. It’s hanging at the Bear River Artworks Gallery. Open every day until Thanksgiving, 10 – 4. I’m usually there on Wednesdays.

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