Painting Purple June Flowers – a new video

There is nothing so representative of this province in June as wild lupin flowers! They grow everywhere here – in ditches and in fields.

The previous owner of this house scattered lupin seeds here many years ago and they continue to bloom profusely every June.

I’ve painted lupins and iris this past month and wish to show you the making of this particular one:

I’m loving the loose, wet feeling of it and it was a thrill to paint it. Click on the image below to see my video.

It’s hard to believe that summer is here again and the flowers just keep on coming. I see the next wave of blooms – the orange and yellow lilies about to burst forth so I’m pushing to finish the “purples” this week.

I hope you enjoy the video!

4 thoughts on “Painting Purple June Flowers – a new video

  1. Hi Flora, I would love to see the long version of this video. Especially to hear the how and why’s that created the final piece. It is beautiful. Your flower painting “Cordelia” has found the perfect place in my house for all to admire!

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    1. Thanks Janet. I’m glad you are enjoying your painting. I still haven’t got to editing the longer version of that video. Hopefully there will be time when the ‘painting season’ is over.


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