New Paintings, New Approach, New Exhibition

Brier island is truly a painters paradise. I recently spent a week there in intensive painting mode.

Like past artist-created painting retreats I’ve attended, each artist was assigned one night to cook which meant that we were free to paint all day every day, but one.

Flora Doehler - 4
The Apple Tree. © Flora Doehler. Acrylic on Canvas, 2018. 12″ x 16″

And this freedom of non-obligation cannot be understated. I so appreciated the focus afforded me by being relieved of chores like cooking, laundry, gardening, shopping, etc that as I stood out in the fields, I couldn’t help but think that the “old masters“ must have had a lot of precious time to develop their craft because they had wives and/or servants to do all the non-painting tasks. How much of the world’s progress has been thanks to the silent, unsung helpers in the background?

Flora Doehler - 1
Setting up to paint at the end of Gull Rock Road, facing St. Mary’s Bay.

My mornings began with a quick breakfast, a packed lunch, and a mobile travelling studio in the back of my car. It was easy to slide out my table and gear and to set up quickly.

Like the others, I painted for hours and came home to a delicious meal at 6pm. Some took up their brushes after dinner, but mostly we talked about our painting challenges of the day and then fell into our beds a few hours later — and much earlier than I usually do!

I was so immersed in capturing as much as I could over those 7 days that I hadn’t time to really take in what I’d painted.

Flora Doehler - 6
The mobile studio. After all was setup, I realized I had forgotten my lunch! Fortunately, another painter came by with water and a granola bar.

Not until I came home and set the paintings up in the studio did I realise that I’ve added another way to interpret the gorgeous, lush nature of  Brier Island with this transparent, watercolour-like way of painting.

This summer I’ve been painting flowers and experimenting with transparent acrylics. Brier Island gave me the chance to take this one step further and to interpret the landscape this way.

I am so satisfied with the results. I feel that these landscapes and flower images in my upcoming show are a new breakthrough for me in my journey with painting.

Flora Doehler - 7
After I got home, I set up in front of the blooming gladiolus. The results are glowing.

New Paintings Sissiboo

I’m very excited to show this work which opens on Sunday September 9 in Bear River at Sissiboo Coffee Bar and Gallery. The art will be hung this Friday but the opening reception is on Sunday September 9, 2 – 4 pm. Paintings will move to the Annapolis Royal Cafe in mid October and hang there until the end of November.

I know that many of you can’t join me in Nova Scotia for the opening etc, so for the next two weeks I will publish a painting every day from the show along with a description. 

I look forward to sharing garden flowers and the wildness of Brier Island with you through my paintings.

Flora Doehler - 5
Brier Island marshland and our home for the week.

8 thoughts on “New Paintings, New Approach, New Exhibition

  1. Ah Flora, sounds wonderful! I wish I could have endless hours of nothing but painting!!! Sadly I am not at the point in my life where I can do that….But, it’s fun to read about YOU doing it!! 🙂

  2. I thought these were watercolors when I saw them, they really just glow! Beautiful new work and I’m glad you’re going to give us a virtual show with a painting and its description each day. I look forward to it! Ah the days of not having all the busy work we do everyday that steals away precious painting time… it sounds wonderful. What a fun experience this must have been. I’ve never done anything like that (yet) but hope to someday.

    1. Jaime, It is like working with watercolour. The trick is Liquitex ink. Today I received a bunch of Amsterdam acrylic inks, but they have neither the intensity of colour nor the reactive nature.

      1. Good to know, thank you for sharing your insights on the different product. You usually never know until you spend the money and try it. Finding reviews for paint products that are actually helpful is not so easy to find.

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