Pond Cove in August

I have painted Pond Cove many times. It’s my happy place on Brier Island. When we moved here from Ontario 11 years ago, on our very first summer we were invited to join an ever-changing Bear River group who had camped here for over 20 years. Since that summer, we’ve spent a few days annually with others camping at the end of Gull Rock Road.

Flora Doehler paintings - 11
Pond Cove in August © Flora Doehler, 2018 Acrylic on Canvas 18″ x 24″

These fields feel very sentimental to me and represent the welcoming friendships we’ve found here in Nova Scotia.

Flora Doehler - 1
Setting up to paint at the end of Gull Rock Road, facing St. Mary’s Bay.

The land has bands of different grasses and wlld flowers growing making it a living patchwork quilt. The sound of seagulls, the occasional foghorn, the wind moving through the grasses and the distant ocean are comforting to this soul.

In this painting I wanted to capture the variations in the land as well as the joy in my heart.

On display at Sissiboo Coffee Bar and Gallery. Bear River Sept 1 – Oct 14; Annapolis Royal Oct 17 – Nov 30, 2018.

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