Hanging the Show with my True Love

Last night we (Larry) hung the show and I’ve made a little movie of it for you.

[wpvideo laRO5npF]

I’m dashing out the door for a couple of days with him on Brier Island and will resume sending you images on Monday.

Larry has been my support in my art journey since we met in our 20’s. His love and encouragement have lifted me for many years.


Love, art, coffee and friends. What more could we ever want?

10 thoughts on “Hanging the Show with my True Love

  1. Danke Flora. Schöne Bilder.Vital und farbenfro ,mach weiter so! Grüße an Larry.

    Liebe Grüsse Wolfram.

  2. The fine fruits of your endeavours, doubled! So much joy in those paintings…I have the prints of paintings from your last Brier Island visit on the window sill of my apartment here in Nelson BC, where they are beaming out that cheer to the heart.

  3. These are just lovely! Are you painting on watercolor paper and mounting on boards? I am framing some of my paintings but mounting others on board and then finishing with Dorland’s was medium. I like the look of the paintings without frames, and there is no problem with glare on glass,

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