Floral Awakening

My exhibition will include new, luscious flower paintings.

When I returned From Brier Island, I was delighted to see the gladiolus and zinnias in full bloom. It took my breath away as both are new additions to the garden.

I dragged one of my biggest canvases outside and set to work.

Floral Awakening
Floral Awakening © Flora Doehler, 2018 Acrylic on Canvas 40″ x 30″ $1800

This way of painting is a paradox. In order to make it look spontaneous, I painted it in a slow, deliberate manner with an intensity of concentration. Why? The fewer the brush strokes on the canvas,  the better the results.

I sketch the flowers with water and drop into it 2 or 3 colours. It’s tricky to coax the colours to blend together. Too much water means too much running of colour, not enough means the flow isn’t there. I work with my canvas on a flat surface and tilt the painting to control the chaos of the acrylic inks.

In my opinion, this painting is the star of the show. The energy and vibration that goes through the flowers is captured on this canvas.

On display at Sissiboo Coffee Bar and Gallery, Bear River Sept 1 – Oct 14; Annapolis Royal Oct 17 – Nov 30, 2018. Opening and meet the Artist, Sept 9, 2 – 4pm.in Bear River.

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