A Chance to Join a Printmaking Studio in Annapolis Royal – meeting Jan 19, 2020

Please note that due to a snowstorm, this meeting is rescheduled for Jan 19. Same time, same location. – Flora

Last summer in July’s heatwave, Artist and Printmaker Bonnie Baker set herself up outside of Sissiboo Coffee Bar and Gallery to show us how she makes her gorgeously haunting cyanotype prints. It was so fun to watch AND to see her Printmaking exhibit that was showing at Sissiboo’s Gallery.

©Bonnie Baker

Bonnie Baker is a founding member of the Elephant Grass Print Collective. If you’ve always wanted to belong to a printmaking collective, there is a recruitment process going on now.


Interested in Printmaking? (lino-cut, woodcut, screen-printing, letterpress, etching) We have exciting news for you. In early 2020 EGPC is moving to a central location in Annapolis Royal and looking for new members.

Come to an information meeting at the Annapolis Royal Town Hall Boardroom (285 St. George Street, Annapolis Royal–upstairs) on Sunday January the 19th at 2pm and find out how you can become a part of this exciting opportunity.
If you are interested but unable to attend please contact us at elephantgrassprint@gmail.com.

Elephant Grass Print Collective is a diverse group of experienced and novice print-makers that have been sharing skills and equipment for over 6 years. Visit www.elephantgrassprint.ca

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