The Colours in a Snowstorm

It still seems strange that all the beautiful colours of spring, summer and fall are gone. I miss the vibrant reds, the brilliant purples and the intense greens of flowers and fields, not to mention the quality of the light.

Bear River snow - 4

And yet, there is an understated beauty in the colours of winter. I see burnt sienna in the trees and burnt umber in the shadows along with indigo blue and ultramarine. Even the zinc white snow reflects those colours.

Walking into the snowy landscape of Bear River is like stepping into an old sepia photo. It is impossible to count how often this tidal river has changed. It’s like quantifying infinity. It is never the same from hour to hour as it inhales creek and ocean water, and then sighs it out again – all twice a day. Our village needs a webcam fixed on that beautiful, living water.

As much as I appreciate the beauty, I’m rarely drawn to paint a snow scene. One of the few exceptions is this one from years ago out of my studio window. However, even the title gives away what my true subject was. 😉

snow painting - 1
January Garden © Flora Doehler, 2013 Acrylic 16″ x 16″ (sold)

So I use the time to experiment in the studio with pure colour and to work on ideas for the upcoming leap year art show at Artworks Gallery in Bear River.
Elements: Earth, Air, Water and Fire.

elements idea - 1
Acrylic, ink and watercolour on paper. © Flora Doehler, 2020.

And I notice in doing so that I have used the colours I see in the snowy landscape.

I can’t help but be influenced by our environment.

Happy New Year to you and those you hold close. And may we have Peace in the World for all beings.

5 thoughts on “The Colours in a Snowstorm

  1. Thanks for that splash of tulips and colors in a subdued and wintry world! You need to put together a painting group somewhere warm and colorful for a week in the winter (not for me — I don’t paint — for your own pleasure)….

  2. Nancy, you are welcome! My fantasy is to stay in a small village in Italy or France for a month during our winter and to paint.It’s something I really should plan for.
    January is always a transition time for me, and the funny thing is that I’ve created some really stunning paintings during the winter. I only have to flip that internal switch. 😉
    But the above fantasy persists!

  3. Flora, I think sitting in your studio looking at your glorious paintings would be akin to sitting in my garden in summer. However I think too that your idea of getting away for a week or a month in Winter would be even better. And what wonderful creations you could make with fresh eyes.

    1. Sybil, it is pretty cool to walk into the studio when the snow is blowing outside and to see the flowers on the walls! But just as I can’t really remember what winter was like when it’s summertime, so is it hard to imagine that spring will really show up along with the green growth.
      We had a neighbour once who was experiencing his first spring after his first snowy winter in Canada. He could not believe that the earth sprang to life again after months of killing temperatures. And indeed, it is miraculous.
      As for a trip…I wish that it was in my budget for this winter but, alas. Still, the thought has driven me down the internet rabbit hole of looking at artist retreats. If there is an artist in a warmer spot in the world who would like to experience winter for a few weeks, we could do a trade. 😉

  4. Oh too bad. I see the photos at the bottom of the buildings and snow, and think go for it Flora! I love your experimental work too. I think you could do amazing snow scenes.

    Love your work — XOXOXOXOXO

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