Getting My Act Together – With Your Help

The year is almost a wrap. Last weekend’s Holiday Art and Craft show in Bear River was lovely, busy and a wonderful way to reconnect with many new and old friends, some who are art makers and others who are collectors. I was glad to bring home a few treasures for myself.

A bouquet of Chinese Lanterns wait to be painted.

When I stepped back inside the studio last week, it was with a feeling of gratitude at having this beautiful space in which to work. It was also with a shock at seeing the mess I had left behind or ignored while I harvested the garden, planted garlic, prepped for the final show.

It was time to prepare for my winter painting.

This meant spending days tidying up – sweeping up everything from dead crickets to grass clippings to bean pods from seed saving.

Surrounded by beauty. Beautiful raindrops make jewelled patterns in the wild, brambly roses

I replaced most of the hanging, finished paintings with either unfinished works or with ones that will help to inspire this winter’s painting.

I rearranged the furniture so that I can have a fresh point of view. I wanted the room to feel different.

I brought in wood for the stove and will try to keep a good supply of dry wood on hand.

The wood stove is my favorite heating source.

Many ideas are bubbling for 2020 about painting and printmaking and writing and I will get those ideas onto paper so that I can create a production plan / schedule.

My style in housework, cooking, creating and painting is ‘controlled chaos’. Maybe that comes from my inner child. It usually serves me well, but works especially well when paired with a physical reminder on paper or in a notebook. Maybe that’s my inner grown-up giving directions.

That grown-up also suggests that I need to get my writing act together again by blogging regularly. Writing about what I’m doing and where I’m going helps keep me focused in the studio. It also fills the need I have to share what I know about painting. But I truly need your help with this.

I am asking you to answer two short questions about how often you’d like to receive my posts and what you would like to see or read.

Your answers will help me ENORMOUSLY to move my accountability from the ‘uncontrolled chaos’ to the ‘controlled chaos’ department.


Thank you so much for your help with this and for sharing this journey with me.


Late afternoon in the studio.

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