Rethinking a Painting, One Step at a Time

I can’t believe it’s 2021. I can’t believe it’s February. I can’t believe it’s Friday.
Like where has the last year/month/week gone? OK…sorry I asked.

All I know is that I woke with a start at the beginning of the week like a rabbit emerging from hibernation. That little voice said “Get your painting act together NOW because before you know it, you’ll be reopening our co-op Gallery in Bear River in May. 

Late afternoon in the studio.

I’m also thrilled that my friends at Lucky Rabbit & Co in Annapolis Royal have invited me to hang a solo show, also in May. More to come on both openings………

Meanwhile, it wasn’t just deadline panic that shook me awake on Monday. The heartwarming emails and comments from readers of this blog to my last post moved me. Your messages summed up that:

1. We all need beauty, music, the visual arts in our lives – especially now
2. These human needs are essential for our inspiration and to lift our spirits

I was also reminded how good it makes me feel to connect with like-minded people who value creativity. It certainly alleviates some of the isolation I feel in these times. So, thank you!

Now, let me show you what I’m working on.

A painting has returned to the studio after a 4 year journey through 2 different galleries. I am tweaking and changing it and I’ll tell you my ‘whys’ in this video:

Rethinking a Painting.

This is how it looks today. It might not be finished.

Summer’s Dream. Acrylic on Canvas. 36″ x 48″, © Flora Doehler, 2014-2021

And that ‘might not be finished’ part keeps me having several paintings on the go all the time. Like this collage I’m developing from pieces of paintings on paper.

We’ve had a little bit of snow too. That’s the studio in the background and I’m tramping around in my snowshoes thinking about my next steps. Outside and inside.

Painting Tulips in a Room of One’s Own

This new painting is special to me for several reasons. For starters, I really like it! I always enjoy the process of painting and trying to solve the design problem, but sometimes the end result falls short of what I am trying to achieve. Ironically I believe this is a motivating factor to paint and to try it again. But this time I am happy with the look and feel of this painting; the spontaneity and lightness. Continue reading

REVOLUTION and RESISTANCE – Art Exhibition in Bear River & Annapolis Royal


“Every war already carries within it the war which will answer it. Every war is answered by a new war, until everything, everything is smashed… That is why I am so wholeheartedly for a radical end to this madness, and why my only hope is in a world socialism… Pacifism is not a matter of calmly looking on; it is work, hard work.” – Kåthe Kollwitz, 1943. Continue reading

After the Abstract Painting Workshop – taking action

The process of learning to make art  is like that of learning to speak. You learn the language, the grammar, the idioms. But what you say with it is totally up to you.
– Jane Davies in Abstract Painting: the elements of visual language.

I am inspired by a recent painting workshop with abstract painter Leya Evelyn, and I want to tell you about it with this video to give you a peek at my new painting series. Continue reading