Painting Lupins


Two weeks ago I was interviewed for the Halifax newspaper “Chronicle Herald”. They ran a piece on Bear River focused on the culture and small town revival in Nova Scotia.

photo by Ryan Taupin of the Chronicle Herald.
photo by Ryan Taplin of the Chronicle Herald.

The painting on my easel that day was this one of lupins. They are still blooming on the edges of our property and their arrival every year is stunning.

I love the shapes of the pods and the intensity of the purple colour. Although I usually paint outside in front of my subject, this canvas was so large and it was more practical to work in the studio with samples of lupins posing in empty wine bottles.  



The article in the newspaper had wonderful quotes from friends who live here and are very happy to have the opportunity to explore their cultural side in a beautiful corner of Canada.

Wild Lupins © Flora Doehler, 2013
Wild Lupins © Flora Doehler, 2013 (sold)

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