The Ripple Effect of Showing Your Art

You know how it is. Sometimes you plan one thing and it leads to another which leads to still another.

Just for you.  painting by Flora Doehler
Just for you.
16″ x 16″
acrylic on canvas
painting by Flora Doehler (sold)

The action of putting together a show of my paintings earlier this year in the dead of February and the doing led to:

  • finishing quite a few in-progress paintings and wiring up all completed paintings
  • inventorying /digitizing/ naming and pricing of all the large paintings I have for sale which will make it so much easier to shop my work around to other venues
  • creating a digital Art Newsletter for people who have purchased my work, who might like to view my work and for local media and galleries who I would like to approach for future represention. This led to the development of a comprehensive email list
  • giving a series of watercolor classes at our studio which led to the development of a new curriculum for experimental watermedia and a wait list for more classes as well as some income
  • giving an artist talk /slideshow /presentation of my work to a group of live people which led to my unearthing and digitizing important art works from my early years which led to some  self-reflection on my developement as an artist
  • Finally, even though people have seen my work at various venues including in our studio, it didn’t prepare them for seeing a collection of 30 paintings in one place. That was a real eye-opener for me about the importance of viewers being able to see a lot of your work at one time to get a true sense of the type of painting you do.
painting by Flora Doehler
The New Arrivals
18″ x 24″
mixed media on canvas
painting by Flora Doehler

For these reasons alone, the art show would have been a great success for me. But that’s not all. I had the chance to talk to people about what I do and why I do it. Most artists work in solitude and in spite of posting images via the internet, there is nothing like seeing the work live and having a real conversation with viewers and collectors for an exchange of ideas and reaction to take place. I also sold paintings which was a wonderful affirmation and motivation to continue.

If you are sitting on a collection of your work, whatever it may be, I suggest you take the step of arranging your own pop-up show because it will lead to new opportunities for your growth as a person and as an artist.

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4 thoughts on “The Ripple Effect of Showing Your Art

  1. So glad to read this Flora. It’s good to hear how your decision developed into positive results in so many varied ways.

    Nothing breeds success like success, so enjoy the fruits of your actions!


    1. Thank you Nancy! Although I know that change is constant and inevitable, I love to watch the developments in my life that happen as a result of taking action. Moving here with Larry is a huge example of that.

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