Is There Only One Painting on the Canvas?

Some paintings flow off the palette and out of the brushes and are finished in one or two intensive sittings. But others………well let’s just say that some paintings are a struggle.
They drag on, they shift, they change colours, they change themes and they resist.

I have been working on this oil painting of red tulips off and on for 6 weeks and it’s still not finished. I’ve learned a lot about oils on the way and I’ve gone through at least 6 bouquets of red tulips in the process.

It has been enjoyable to try a different colors, new brushstrokes and to morph from oil sticks to tubes and back again.

They say we learn the most from our challenges and this painting is an example of that.
I’m not finished.  I wanted to show you that some paintings have many other similar paintings underneath!

However, there can only be one finished painting, and I’d like it to reveal itself please.

Now I’m thinking of obliterating the china and even going back to a round table.

It’s not easy.

6 thoughts on “Is There Only One Painting on the Canvas?

  1. Hi I am an artist … you need more greenery to many flowers at top of vase … also you need shadows the light is coming in from window you need some shadowing on left side and in thru greenery in middle of painting… Please dont be insulted … its all about learning and you are doing beautiful work

    1. Hi Flora,

      It is so beautiful! I like the china a lot. And I like both versions of the table. It’s all up to you 😉
      It seems many of us are in a similar state. Could it be the long, long, long, long, long, long hard winter, the odd bout of some cold/flu thing? I do think so — and this is very beautiful.

      XOXOXOXO Barbara

      1. Hi Barbara…….hasn’t this winter been a test of our resolve.

        Awake, thou wintry earth –
        Fling off thy sadness!
        Fair vernal flowers, laugh forth
        Your ancient gladness!
        ~Thomas Blackburn, “An Easter Hymn”

        I’ve wiped away the china and gone to work on other old and new paintings, but I will return to it once it is dry again. By the way, I LOVE the portrait that you are working on…actually the last 2 you blogged about. There is so much life and light in your work. And joy. xoxo

        1. I know whatever you decide will be beautiful, because everything you do is. Yes this has been a winter! But it was very warm today. Now I have to find some spring clothes!

          XOXOXO Barbara

          And thanks for your kind thoughts. Come over to the blog sometime when you have a moment and leave a word. Joy to you!

    2. Hi Janis. It’s interesting to view the work through another’s eyes. I’m giving the painting a break for now but am reinterpreting those tulips in acrylic. Repeating the same subject is a great way to really get to know the essence of the scene or object.

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