Blue Skies Inspire People and Paintings

It’s amazing what a little bit of sunshine and blue sky does to lift spirits at this time of year. Tomorrow we’re expecting 12 Celsius- positively heat wave weather!  Although we will likely have at least one more winter storm, in the here and now, it feels and smells like spring. I love it!


This has meant pulling out my large, unfinished flower canvases from last fall and continuing to work on them with joy in the knowledge that snow storm or not, spring will be here in no time at all.

I am preparing for an April show and visualizing a wall in the gallery with large floral beauties; then a long wall of landscapes and a smaller wall of work from years ago before I even knew there was such a magical place as Bear River.

I’m really happy with the direction of this painting…the colours, the energy and the looseness. That is the influence of blue sky and warm winds.

Painting in progress ©Flora Doehler, 2017
Painting in progress ©Flora Doehler, 2017

I usually have great enthusiasm for the painting I’m currently working on and the earlier ones wait to hear from me if they are finished or not. I have a long way to go to fill those beautiful walls at the Bear River Artworks Gallery on April 15th, but I’m having a good time getting there.

Paintings in progress ©Flora Doehler, 2017
Paintings in progress ©Flora Doehler, 2017

And if I think I’m getting too serious about the work, (which translates into less spontaneity) I go back to experimenting with my materials.

I just put together a video on that topic and about the making of this little painting to encourage myself and others to have fun with their creative practices. The blog and video are linked here.

Collage Painting ©Flora Doehler, 2017
Collage Painting ©Flora Doehler, 2017

Enjoy your weather, whatever it is. It’s bound to change, you know.

7 thoughts on “Blue Skies Inspire People and Paintings

  1. You keep on inspiring me. I live in a very hot climate and it’s hard sometimes to get past the heat. But you always cool me down and get me back on track. Have just finished my third painting for an exhibition thanks to you! Cheers jill

    1. Great to hear that you are in painting mode Jill. Do you have a blog or facebook page where you post your work? I’d like to see it.
      We are just starting summer here and it’s true that the heat is debilitating! Right now we have lots of biting black flies that make matters worse. When it gets super hot for a few days, they’ll disappear. I can’t wait. Thanks for writing. 🙂

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