Great Opening and Painting Demos

This week is busy in the best way possible. The art show opening was amazing. It was great to share my paintings with interested art lovers, artists and collectors. 5 6 7 paintings sold! This and the week’s conversations with interested visitors are a validation of all the work I put into this show.

I’ve set up 2 mini workshops in the gallery to show people a fun exercise to help them to loosen up their drawing and painting; abstract their work and create a new painting.

Using Calla Lilies and Forsythia as subjects, we started off with a loose drawing. Then we cut out a square window from a piece of paper and moved it around the drawing until  the most interesting of the drawing is captured. This is sketched onto a larger paper or canvas and painted.
These test drawings helped me work out the lesson.

When the participants arrived, we chose to draw this stunning yellow Forsythia that I brought in for the show.

This is my demo starting with a very loose drawing working up to an enlarged detail.

Focused painters trying out the technique.

Another group is coming tomorrow for their mini lesson.

I am in the Gallery every afternoon through this coming weekend. Please stop in, say hi and view the paintings. And many, many thanks to those who visited. It made my day to talk art with you. 🙂

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