Sketching with Black Marker at the Pond

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Sketching at the pond on a bristol board pad with markers, while sitting on a very hard rock. 😉

Spring is still quite chilly here, but today the sun came out and I took a break from studio work to do two quick sketches at the goldfish pond.
I enjoy drawing with markers in a bristol board pad. The marks glide on and there’s no turning back, no corrections possible. It’s just a raw expression of what I see and feel.

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©Flora Doehler, 2018. Using a fat Sharpie marker on a cold Spring day. 14″ x 17″

It was quite magical hearing the birds sing again. The goldfish have survived another winter of a frozen-over pond. They glided around providing the only high colour in the scenery…a brilliant orange.

My second sketch was a little more deliberate. The reflections are confounding.

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©Flora Doehler, 2018. “The pond wakes up”.   Using a thinner Sharpie marker this time. Bristol board. 14″ x 17″

I’ll return next time with charcoal. I like to draw with charcoal on a gessoed paper because the texture helps to hold the line.

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