You’re Invited

I have been immersed in the preparation for my upcoming art show in Bear River.

It seemed like a good idea at the show paintings from the last 2 and 3 years here, but wow. What a lot of work to get everything ready to hang. I had forgotten that part. There were paintings that needed some touching up, edges of canvasses to finish, wire to attach, paintings to seal, photos to take, labels to make, artist statement to write. And very important…cookies to be baked!

January Garden

I hope you can come. If you live close by and can’t come to the opening on Saturday afternoon, January 26, from 1pm to 4pm, then please try another afternoon. I’ll be in the gallery working on a painting and will be glad to talk to you about painting.

And if you live far away and can’t come, I’ll try to take a few little movies to share with you.

Here are some paintings that you’ll see next Saturday.


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