The Paintings Revealed!

Today our power, water, phone and internet was restored after a long 4 days. At this moment I feel a deep appreciation for all those things that I usually take for granted!

The tropical storm Arthur also bumped my art show opening to this Saturday July 12 from 2 -4 pm. I will also be present in the Gallery on Sunday July 20 from 2 -4 and the Shambala Art Group of Annapolis will have an opening in the larger gallery on that day. The show continues until July 23.

This post is a debut of the 8 paintings that I created for my show Fairy Tales and Transformation , followed by images of each painting.

fairy ARCAC1

Why Fairy Tales?

Last winter I created a piece for the Fairy Tales and Fables show in Bear River – I was reluctant at first, because I usually don’t like to work to a theme. I prefer to paint what inspires me in the moment. Working in collage with a story was a huge departure from plein air painting.

I enjoyed the challenge and wanted to explore the theme and technique further so I created this series to fit into this space in the Mym Gallery at Artsplace / ARCAC.

I’ve always loved myths and fairy tales and I have wonderful memories of being read them by both my parents. In turn I spent many summers reading legends and fairy tales to our children on camping trips. What can be more thrilling than to read a dark Grimm Brothers’ tale than in an evening forest setting?

And dark they are! Coming back to these stories now, I see how horrendous the circumstances were for the young heroines in these stories. They endure and transcend injustices such as abduction, confinement, loss of family and isolation. All are liberated from their situations with help from princes, sparrows and woodcutters and magic and are transformed forever.

fairy ARCAC2

Painting Technique

My ‘painting materials’ are collaged pieces of my watercolours.  Like the young heroines in these stories, they are transformed in my studio to tell this visual story.

The archival watercolour paper pieces are glued onto cradleboard that has a birch plywood top and basswood frame. Three coats of acrylic matt varnish seal and protect each painting.

fairy ARCAC4


The larger paintings (16” x 16”) are $450.

The two smaller paintings (12” x 12”) are $300.

I welcome creative payment plans – please contact me at

Wolf’s Dilemma
©Flora Doehler, 2014
16″ x 16″
mixed media on cradleboard


Demeter’s Realization
©Flora Doehler, 2014.
12” x 12” mixed media


Visit to Grandma
©Flora Doehler, 2014
mixed media, 16″ x 16″


Demeter’s Garden
©Flora Doehler, 2014
12″ x 12″
mixed media on cradleboard


©Flora Doehler, 2014.
mixed media on cradle board
16″ x 16″


Rapunzel Waits
©Flora Doehler, 2014
mixed media on wooden cradleboard
16″ x 16″, $450
Seven Ravens
©Flora Doehler, 2014
16″ x 16″
mixed media on cradleboard


Searching for a Daughter
©Flora Doehler, 2014
16″ x 16″ mixed media

4 thoughts on “The Paintings Revealed!

  1. Sooo Beautiful Flora. Thank goodness your power and phone have returned.
    And thank goodness it was summer. That is a long, long time to be without
    light and heat. I hope you had food.

    Have an amazing show. Wish I could be there.

    XOXOXOXOXO Barbara

  2. Hi Flora,
    It has been a long time since I looked at your work, and wow, it is inspiring to see these wonderful new collaged pieces! They look great, what a wonderful group of paintings.

  3. Your work is SO very beautiful Flora & very unique & original. Thanks for stopping by my blog & for leaving your sweet comment. WOW !! there’s so much to explore here on your website + I must pop over to you Flora Mary blog. Much love from the gang in Pugwash, Nova Scotia xo Susan

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