Reaching © Flora Doehler, 2020 Acrylic on Canvas 24″ x24″ $1100

The petals on Chrysanthemums seem to point and stretch in all directions, and the way each stem fell, suggested reaching to me. I worked hard at limiting my palette in this painting. I wanted the drawing to have the emphasis and to have all eyes on the flowers. And I couldn’t resist adding some red pears to the mix.

i recently discovered acrylic markers and used them to create the lines in this painting. It’s definitely a more controlled way of painting than how I usually work and I found that to be very meditative for me.

This is an early version. You can see that the later shading of areas changed the flatness of the pure line.
mums 2

Feel free to download the original canvas drawing if colouring is your thing. 🙂

I was happy to work in pure line and am thrilled that these acrylic paint markers work so well. They are made by POSCA and come in various sized tips and colours. I thank my fellow artist Jane Davies for showing them to me and others in one of her many, inspiring videos. It’s so great to be able to draw onto the canvas and then to use a transparent paint overtop.

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