Social Distancing

During this pandemic, I have been super privileged with being able to stay home with Larry. There is a silver lining to being a ‘senior’. And yet, it’s been disturbing to guess the future of the world and to see the misery the pandemic has brought worldwide to many. I’ve missed meeting with friends and family and all our regular routines now seem like out of another lifetime.

And yet, I have my painting practice and I’ve appreciated that, very, very much.

This winter, the Teichert Gallery in Halifax asked their artists to create paintings with the theme “Stay the Blazes Home”. This phrase was used by Nova Scotia’s Premier in one of his many online pep-talks to encourage people to self-isolate during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Using that theme, I created a collaged painting and have made a short video about the making of it for you.

Social Distancing
© Flora Doehler, 2020
16″ x 16″
Watermedia Collage on Birchwood Cradle Board

‘Social Distancing’ is a contradiction in terms. To be social means to be with others. To be distant means to be alone. This pandemic forces us into a solitary, confined space which may be necessary for our physical well-being, but is a challenge to our mental equilibrium.

And although this person has a lovely hot drink and flowers, there is no-one to share it with. Instead, there is just a longing for life beyond the window.

This painting is available for rent or for sale at the Teichert Gallery in Halifax.

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