Blues, Greens and Yellows

This painting was an exercise in combining a calligraphic type of line with my usual broad brush strokes.

Painting by Flora Doehler
Summer Bouquet
© Flora Doehler, 2015
18″ x 24″ $825

I tried to put a lot of movement into this painting to convey the hectic action of flying creatures just outside the studio. There are bees and wasps and flies and black flies and mosquitoes and butterflies and lady bugs and squash bugs and all sorts of action around the flowers that are blooming in waves.

Summer Bouquet -detail
Summer Bouquet painting detail

I have been experimenting with a limited palette lately and am enjoying the nuances of blues and greens. This is a hard painting for me to part with. I love the colour and movement in it. I sent it to Halifax yesterday to the Teichert Gallery – Art Sales and Rental. I’ll know next week if they will accept it.

This will probably be the end, for a while, of these blue paintings as there are bright red monarda, lilies and rose campion blooming that will next find their way onto my canvasses.

In the studio today.
In the studio today.

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    1. Flora, thanks so much. I’m glad you enjoy “Red Alchemy.” I, too, love the materials I work with. I can’t imagine working with materials I didn’t like in of themselves. – Tom

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