Reimagining the Garden – Painting with Ink

Usually, I paint from life. It is a thrill to study the subject in all its aliveness and life energy. But this time as I was looking for a scrap of drawing paper, I pulled open a drawer and my eyes landed on a sweet little crayon and watercolour sketch that I’d made a few years ago of Bee Balm in July.

I really liked the composition of it – that off-centred bloom and the undefined green in the background.

But can I translate it into an ink painting?

Yes and no.

It won’t be a duplicate of the original which was also not a duplicate of the scene I first sketched.

The sketch will become a jumping off point for an entirely new work.

This is the beauty of making little colour sketches, or charcoal drawings or any other kind of impression on paper. That original can inspire a new, different work that is a variation of the original rather than a copy of a copy.

Here is a little video that shows you the entire painting process. You’ll see how deliciously the inks blend on the canvas and create a look and feel that is unique to this medium.

The inks are Liquitex Acrylic Inks and the canvas is 10″ x 10″.

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