Painting on a Snowy Day

Snow has been falling all Coinstar online day and all night. Fortunately, our commute to the studio is a shortcut through the barn and down a snowy path. Creativity calls!

The lumps are wood piles for the wood stove.

Inside the studio Larry is busy putting the final touches on our enameling kiln and I’ve been painting bright colours.

painting by Flora Doehler 8" x 8" Please take your Seats.



This acrylic painting “Please take your seats” was inspired by the old chairs in our former studio. The Oakdene Centre was the community school for many years and still has some of the old furniture. I took many photos of chairs and their cast shadows when we worked there.

Inbetween working on some landscape painting (which I will show you when they are finished), and an entry to a local upcoming show here ‘Pirates and Outcasts’, I worked on this little piece. Step into the studio and take a look at the life inside our former garage.


Green Willow Studio is tucked down our long driveway. We are open by appointment or by chance
Its actually a pretty good idea to be snowed in. We can get lost in our work and there is nowhere else to go.
An old cherry tree and the barn seen from the studio.
And the snow keeps falling

8 thoughts on “Painting on a Snowy Day

  1. Somehow my post got lost. But I had said that it looks like you have quite a bit of snow (an understatement.) Love the painting of the chairs. The greens and reds are amazing as they work together. – Tom Hlas

  2. We have TONS of snow!!!! It is so pretty right now.I like to put complementary colours together sometimes…..the shapes just pop out, don't they? Thanks for stopping by Tom!

  3. I also love the chairs painting…think you might explore this theme more? It would be a fun one. How lovely to see the little video of your studio nestled amongst the snowdrifts and the barn, it's very picturesque. i think it would be fun to paint that. i enjoy popping into your blog to see your work Flora.

  4. Flora what an inspiring environment !i just want to be there NOW! i've so enjoyed reading your blog and seeing your work–will definitely be back==also quite like the chairs==beautiful negative space and patterning

  5. Sally, I am so glad to hear that you liked the chairs….I actually am inspired to do some more…..however, I bought myself a GORGEOUS grouping of red tulips yesterday and I'm painting them right now so the chairs must wait. I think that I'm going through a 'red' phase with all this white snow everywhere!I'll have to do more videos of the studio.Flora

  6. Jan, I still can't quite believe that we live here! It is a beautiful place in so many ways. Your blog looks like you are situated in a winery grove….I love your many renditions of your surroundings. Thanks for stopping by!Flora

  7. Hi Flora,I love this post, especially your paintings, and the video with you and Larry in the studio — so calm. Almost impossible for me to imagine. You are such a great team.Pure joy reading and looking at this one.Thanks for that.XOBarbara

  8. Flora, I neglected to comment on your last two posts. I'm taking a moment to revisit this dream land of yours – your projects, your work and your photos are just exquisite!!! If it is possible in the real world to find it – your place seem entirely a utopia – and the winter there both cosy and magical – certainly enchanting from a visual point of view!!!! Btw, this is Valentines day – Happy Valentines day, Flora and Larry!Marcia

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